Award categories

This all new event is a unique opportunity to work with the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce to recognise and celebrate the inspiring, inventive and community spirit of local businesses and business people.

Please see the award categories and criteria below.

Charity champions award

A business, or individual, going above and beyond to raise money for charity, outside the NHS. It’s not about the amount of money raised, but the determination and commitment involved. Based on:

• Evidence of ‘making a difference’
• Time and effort dedicated to the campaign
• Motivation behind the fundraising initiative

Entrepreneurial spirit

Celebrating a business which has recognised the need to create a ‘new normal’ in challenging times, and plant the seeds of growth in exciting new directions. Based on:

• Evidence of innovation, vision and strategy
• Reasons for diversification
• Sound business and financial planning

Good neighbour award

Celebrating a business or individual going out of their way to help – they may run errands, do shopping, tidy homes and gardens, help to care for pets or simply pop round for a chat. Based on:

• Examples of kindness and consideration
• Testimonials from friends or neighbours
• Motivation for wanting to make a difference

Service to the Community award

Celebrating a business or individual making a drastic impact on their community during the Covid-19 crisis. Based on:

• Evidence of hard work and commitment
• Proof of the difference which has been made
• Overcoming obstacles and challenges

Valiant volunteer award

Celebrating a business or individual putting others before themselves and being generous with their time to support an individual or group. Based on:

• Evidence of being an inspiration to others
• Showing initiative, commitment and creativity
• Overcoming obstacles and challenges


Unsung Hero

This award goes to a business or individual based on:

• An outstanding person or company who has gone above and beyond during these times
• Someone who puts themselves before others, without seeking recognition or reward
• Someone who has made a real difference to those most in need

Champion of Champions 2020:

An overall champion who will need to have displayed the qualities required in all of our other individual categories:

• Commitment to the Shropshire community
• Determination to make a difference
• Overcoming obstacles and challenges

This award will be chosen by a public vote on the night of the live broadcast, using the Menti interactive voting system.

For further information contact Teresa Rowe or
Mia Carter at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce on:

Call: 01952 208200